This is today

Noc Walpurgii Festival. 20 years since we started doing this event in Warsaw, Poland. 6 years since we moved it to Berlin. 20 years gone but struggle against sexism, homophobia, transphobia and any type of discrimination and prejudice is not less relevant or less important that back then. When it seems people living in Europe forgotten the past or trying to rewrite history and everything around is becoming more right wing, more conservative, more nationalist, more fundamentalist or straight up fascist, this is so important to keep going with the struggle, make connections, support each other, learn of each other and stay aware. All this anti-gender, anti-feminist, racist, power and control hungry movements will be pushing us more and more against the wall if progressive movements will be stucked in their inner sectarian conflicts and closed non-inclusive circles.
We started this festival 20 years ago in Poland, and we thought back then what a conservative society it is. 20 years later it’s even worse with ultra conservative leading party working hand in hand with extreme right wing nationalists. They demand now that women should have no any right to decision over their bodies, even in a case of rape or life threatening pregnancy. They demand the unit of the heterosexual family to be the only way of living. They demand to arm nationalists and neo-fascist football hooligans to make the country safer. Democracy, human rights, women rights, LGBT rights are being viewed as a dangerous to Polish culture and tradition and described as anti-national, anti-Polish. This is disgusting and disappointing. No any country in Europe suffered as much as Poland during WWII but how much we learned from the past?
The same question can be asked most of other European countries. Also here in Germany. We see old ghosts coming back and more present on the streets or public discourse. We need to stop their march of contempt and hatred by any means necessary.
Anti-sexist, Anti-racist, Anti-homophobic for a better world.

Noc Walpurgii 1996-2016

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