Programme 2016

Emancypunx // Refuse // AGH-collective// Feminismus Oi! presents:

Valpurgi’s Night Festival
20th year anniversary!

Start 14:00/ Shows 19:00



ANTI-CORPOS (Sao Paulo, Brazil/Berlin, Germany)
LESBIAN FEMINIST HARDCORE. Their music, message and attitude is nothing less than the perfect soundtrack to the annihilation of bigotry, inequality, machismo and homophobia. Fast angry HC/Punk influenced by the local girl-punk, feminist and hardcore scene and bands like KAOS KLITORIANO, BULIMIA, DOMINATRIX and INFECT.


POCHWALONE (Warsaw, Poland)
Eclectic mix of punk, folk and poetry


ZEX (Ottawa, Canada)
Zex embody the second and third wave UK punk sounds of bands like Vice Squad, adding a bit of a metallic crunch and plenty of hair product.


THE SMUDJAS (Milan, Italy)

Catchy tunes to sing along. Late 80’s DC Hardcore meets Garage Punk. Ex-AGATHA


Immigrant punk band,with wave and goth influences with strong feminist/political message.

levi spanien1

This three-piece plays melodic indie-punk, but with a fresh and unique sound. Some people compare them to Super Wild Horses, Golden Staph and Vivian Girls. At the same time Levitations don’t forget to add their own special flavour with some hints of postpunk similar to Slant 6, Kleenex and The Slits.

Anarkafeminist HC-Rawpunk

LADY LAZY (Berlin)
Feminist Hip-Hop/Rap!


Workshops/Lectures/Meetings (Start 14:00):

VIRINO DINAMITA „A room for free Anarka-Feminist thinking“

Zine launch and discussion. Zine contributions are wellcome.

Lecture: Feminismo Periférico.

Peripheric feminism is a way of adressing women* stuggle from/in the margins. These women* do not necessarily know feminist or other theories (like post-colonialism) but they are everyday struggling against gender, class and race oppressions (just to name a few). They fight for their survival and for better living conditions within their communities. The focus of this talk will be the activism of women* in the peripheries of São Paulo, Brazil.

Duration: 1 hour Language: English

In Our Hands : Community Accountability for Sexual Violence

Workshop by Tine and Andrzej from community accountability/ transformative justice collective berlin (

What does responsibility mean in your community? to you? What would you do if something violent or hurtful happened between friends, roommates, or members of a group you are in? Does your community have a plan for how to react if someone you know and love is sexually assaulted?

‘Community Accountability’ is a framework developed by organizations in the U.S. like INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence and CARA for holding perpetrators of oppressive or violent behavior responsible through a process organized by communities, outside of police, criminal justice, and other State institutions that perpetuate violence and oppression.  It imagines integrated support, prevention education, political activism, and perpetrator work.

Deutsch: In Our Hands: Community Accountability bei sexualisierter Gewalt

Was bedeutet Verantwortlichkeit in deiner ‘community’/ deinem Umfeld? Was bedeutet das für dich? Was würdest du machen, wenn etwas gewaltvolles, verletzendes zwischen Freund_innen, Mitbewohner_innen oder Menschen einer Gruppe, der du angehörst, passiert? Gibt es in deinem Umfeld eine Vorstellung davon, wie damit umgegangen werden kann, wenn eine dir bekannte und_oder vertraute Person sexualisierte Gewalt erfährt? ‘Community Accountability’ ist ein Konzept, dass von Organisationen in den USA wie Incite! Women of Color Against Violence entwickelt wurde um Menschen für ihr gewaltsames, unterdrückendes Verhalten zur Verantwortung zu ziehen. Eine wichtige Basis dafür ist ein durch das Umfeld organisierter, transparenter Prozess, abseits von Polizei, Gericht und anderen staatlichen Institutionen, die Gewalt und Unterdrückung aufrechterhalten. Es stellt eine Verknüpfung von Unterstützungsarbeit, Prävention und Bildungsarbeit, politischem Aktivismus und ‘Täterarbeit’ her.

Duration: 2 hours Language: English /Deutsch

+ DIY Distros, A-Fem Zine release, vegan food & cakes!

More Workshops/Performances to come. Fell free to contact us, in case you want to participate with your project!

Die Noc Walpurgii findet seit 1996 in Warschau statt.
Dieses Jahr wird es das Festival das dritte Mal
in Berlin geben. Unser Ziel ist es, Sexismus und
Homophobie eine Absage zu erteilen und unabhängige
DIY-Kultur zu stärken!

The Noc Walpurgii festival started in 1996 in Warsaw, Poland, and is organized every two years. It was a pioneering event in Poland which took up about such issues like the struggle against sexism and homophobia and the promotion of girl-fronted bands and activities.
Since 2012 it’s being organized in Berlin.